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Foodie News: Looks Like They Won’t Survive the Apocalypse After All…

15 Nov

Hostess, the maker of beloved treats like the Twinkie, may be forced to close up shop and liquidate its assets. They’re already under bankruptcy protection but with workers striking at several plants over wage and benefit cuts, the company says they just can’t make a go of it.

Long story short, enjoy your Twinkies, Cupcakes and SnoBalls while you can.


Foodie News: The Aporkalypse is Coming!!!!

26 Sep

The National Pig Association in Britain is warning of a global shortage of bacon and other delicious pork products. This is due to the drought in the US and Canada that has caused the cost of feed to skyrocket. Yes, the aporkalypse is coming!!!!!

So what should you do as a concerned citizen to prepare? Well, you have a few options:

  • Go to Costco and pull a Ron Swanson and say, “Give me all of the bacon you have. No, I don’t think you understand me… ALL of the bacon!”
  • Buy a few pigs and start keeping them in your backyard. Those who live in townhouses or suburban subdivisions might want to consider getting micropigs. (Just like Honey Boo Boo!)
  • Slowly wean yourself off of bacon pork and substitute beef bacon. Yes, I know this is drastic, but desperate times require desperate measures. That being said, NEVER resort to chicken or turkey bacon.
  • Order a few BLT’s from Tony’s in Birch Run, Michigan. There’s enough bacon in them (a full pound per sandwich) that you’d have your fill of bacon for at least a month.

Let’s hope this terrible situation is over soon. In the meantime, enjoy your bacon.

Food Truck Politics on the CBC

25 Jun

Yes, I’m a big nerd and I listen to CBC Radio. In fact, I listen to The Current every day on my way into work.

Today they had a great segment about food truck politics. You should really check it out if you get a chance – listen here. The long and the short of it is that the established food culture (restaurants, restaurant associations, governments etc.) are scared that if food trucks are unleashed on Canadian cities that mayhem will ensue and that nobody will ever go to a restaurant again. Ever.

OK, maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but I certainly don’t think a handful of well-regulated food trucks will mean a major syphoning of restaurant patrons. Some people want to sit while they eat in climate controlled comfort and that won’t ever change. Just pass a bylaw that says you can’t park within 50 feet of a restaurant and call it a day.

What do you think about food trucks? What kind of laws would you like to see around them? Would you be game to see more in your town?

Neato graphics thanks to MeanRedProductions. And yes, there is a real Big Gay ice cream truck in NYC.