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Taste Test: Subway Zesty Baja Steak & Cheese Sandwich

5 Nov

So you may have heard that Subway has added some new sandwiches to their lineup for a limited time. One of them is the zesty baja steak & cheese. As a connoisseur of meat and southwestern flavoured things, I had to test it out. Plus, Subway is one of the only edible options in my office building.

This is what it’s supposed to look like:

Mine looked slightly different because the folks at Subway in my building are not the sandwich artists that they claim to be. That being said, it was actually pretty tasty. They’re not joking on the ‘zesty’, it’s got a decent amount of heat balanced by creamy avocado with bright hits of cilantro and lime. The only thing that was missing in my opinion would have been a nice pico de gallo.

Next trip to Subway I’m going to test this out as a chicken sub. I think it’ll be even better!

Does anyone have a ‘secret’ Subway sub recipe? Share it in the comments!